24 – 05 – 16

This is perhaps the most interesting letter from Victor, in my possession. The sense of foreboding as Victor mentions the British being nearly ready is great as we know what was to come in the Somme. Again, please excuse the words that were illegible which is understandable considering Victor’s first language would have been French or Flemish. This card appears to have been sent to Mrs Kenys’ husband. Judging by the tone and language, I don’t think he is talking to a son of the Kenys.

24 – 5 – 16

My dear Mr F Kenys,

Easily, you can imagine what great relief [Illegible] your  great letter. Your feelings touched me deeply. I admire deeply the fantastic impulse of the valiant and generous English people. Very anxious the horrid germans follow the course of the events which will turn to our advantage soon – the germans know the english [Illegible] and with anguish they apprehend the future.

The Laudable french resistance about Verdun is a forbode of Wilhelm’s ambitious swooning. At the moment I write with joy I hear that french soldiers have reconquered the fort at Douaumont. I am aware the english army are almost ready, the Russians also. Damage the Russians are not arrived earlier in Mesopotamia in order to rescue the courages. but patience Bagdad will fall in the hands of the Russian and English troops.

God will bless our bayonets. Upon different spots on the  Belgium front the germans have attacked but we have thrown them away with loss. Y… [For Censoring purposes Victor has not written Yser] is a very bad place – we are not far from Y. Shells rain very often.

English boys say us that our country will be rescued in three months. May their opinion realise.

Cheer up – yes, the ruins can be restored back – life never. Very sad to see so an odious butchery and at the 20th century – these barbarians have provoked.


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