“Dear War Parents”

Some time ago I purchased a small collection of 13 Post Cards sent to England from the Western Front during the Great War. At first, I assumed they were sent by a British soldier to his family back home. On further inspection, it became clear that something was different. Many of the Post Cards were  of the Yser area, the area in which the Belgian Army were tasked with the defence of, in particular the Yser Canal. Most of the  cards begin “To my War Parents,” –  everything began to  fall into place. Victor was a Belgian soldier who wrote to  what he referred to as his “Adopted War Parents” back in England. The Post Cards I purchased date from 1916, 1917, 1918, 1920 and 1931. The selection I obtained was a very small selection of those available but, unfortunately, I could not afford to purchase them all.

I will, periodically, post a transcribed copy of Post Cards with a scan of the front. I hope you enjoy them. Just hover over the “Dear War Parents” dropbox and select which Post Card you would like to read.




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